[GFS] 57 Plymouth Fury upholstery
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[GFS] 57 Plymouth Fury upholstery

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Hi all.
I am looking for a source for the correct pinky-beige colored vinyl for
the seats and door panels for 57 Fury.
Has anyone bought any of this recently?
I got some from SMS when I ordered the fabric, but the vinyl color is
way off.
Coloring it is not too successful either...
Also has anybody else done a body off frame and rebuilt all the brake
and fuel lines? A friend of mine with a 300C is doing the same and his
has armour coil around the brake and fuel lines at certain points where
it crosses over the chassis, and mine has none. Was this a Chrysler only
thing or has mine gone AWOL sometime in the past 44 years?
And finally I am looking for the correct bolts, washers and nuts which
hold the power steering box to the frame. There are three.
Thanks in advance.
Glenn Barratt,
57 Fury.

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