[GFS] WOOOHOOO!!! I've done it! (sorta long)
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[GFS] WOOOHOOO!!! I've done it! (sorta long)

Hello all, 

I am happy to report that I have in fact struck a deal to purchase 
the '58 Fury I spoke of in my previous post.  My long search of 16 
years for this exact car is finally over.  I had found others in the 
past, but never was the timing right - i either had the means, but 
none were for sale, or I would find nice examples but not have the 
means.  Let's not even talk about all the hunks of crap I looked at 
over the years...

The Fury is in pretty nice shape - it's been in storage literally 
since the year I was born!  The complete and original interior is 
nearly flawless, it has all the gold & chrome (stainless) trim, and 
as an added bonus, it even runs!  The body is straight as an arrow, 
but does have some rust - but not too bad.  The corners of the front 
fenders by headlights are gone, rocker on each side, and a few 
pinholes in the lower bowels of the trunk is all there is to speak 
of.  The rest of it underneath is just a light scaling that some time 
spent with a wire brush and some POR-15 would take care of quite 
nicely. Everything is pretty oxidized and dirty though, so a few days 
worth of elbow grease will have to be invested.  A small price to pay 
for my dream car!

To get it on the road, I will need tires, some brake work, exhaust, 
and probably a good cleaning of the carb/tune-up judging by the smell 
of the gas in it.  That's it! (of course, we're talking minimum 
effort to driveability here).  My goals in order of priority will be: 
1) get it road-worthy 2) take measures to preserve what I have, and 
then 3) RESTORE.   I'm only after a nice, solid driver here, not a 
concourse de elegance car ya know..  ;-)

The current owner seems like a really nice fellow also, and even 
ofered his continued support after I take ownership.  That wil help 
immensely, as I had stated before, I've always been a vintage VW and 
BMW motorcycle freak - this here fancy water-cooled American stuff is 
all new to me!  I don't even own any standard tools yet!

Looks like in a week or so time, I will be bringing it home, so I 
need to start prepping my garage.  I have about 1,600 sq, ft. of 
garage space to work with, so I should be able to make this work.  
The problem is that my garage is in truly pathetic condition.  Roof 
leaks, the concrete floor is soft and totaly saturated in oils from 
the former chop-shop rednecks that owned the place before I did.  I 
mean like jack-stand and garage jack wheels will *sink* into the 
concrete. Everything in there stays damp from the leaky roof - even 
gets moldy, and that's not to mention the humidity we have in the air 
here in "The Shoot Me State".

Do not fear though, I have a plan!  The past couple of days I've been 
dreaming up a method of closing off the beloved Fury from the garage 
gremlins.  I'm thinking along the lines of a plastic vapor barrier, 
sub-flooring and some sort of vynyl covering to park it on, and a PVC-
pipe structure to suport a plastic tent of sorts.  Sort of a "garage 
whithin a garage" concept here.  Inside will be a de-humidifier, and 
a couple fans at least.  It should also provide a nice clean and 
heatable environment for me to work on it out there this winter.  And 
hey, it would even make a pretty decent paint booth!

"Why not just fix up the garage?" you ask..  Well...  I'm sorta 
spending that budget on buying this car eh!  ;-)

Anyway, that's about all there is to say for now.  I'll have to 
update y'all and maybe post some pictures once I have it home.  Also, 
if anyone has any opinions and/or suggestions on my tent idea, I'd 
love to hear them.


PS - here's my "Stupid Question #1":  Why do you call these 
cars "Forward Look" and what are the models that are considered this?


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