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Welcome to the wonderful of '50's American iron. The 1958 Fury was
one of the best looking cars of the '50's. I was also a bug freak. I had a
'67 sedan. '67 was my favorite of all of the bugs (the '56 came in a close

The thing to look for in a Fury (or any '58 Plumouth) is rust. The areas
look at are many. The tips and bottoms of the front fenders (look for
evidence of repair patch panels). The rocker pannels (look for patch
panels). The rocker should show a seam about six inches forward of the
of the doors. If the seam isn't there, the rocker has been covered or
otherwise repaired. Look at the area in front of the rear wheels for
patches. Look behind the rear wheels for repairs at the bottom of the rear
quarter panel. Look at the trunk floor. The seams in the trunk are prone
rust. Also make sure the rubber mat is in there. The floors in front of
front seat are prime rust out areas (there is supposed to be a removeable
panel bolted under the steering column). Any evidence of bondo ro ant
pop-rivets are signs or repairs.

Another problem is in the area of  fake Furys. There were only 5303 made
1958 (limited production). All of them were Buckskin Beige. There are a
unscrupulous individuals that will 'make' a 'Fury' out of a two door
hardtop. Some just take all of the Fury parts off of a Fury rust bucket
put them on a Belvedere hardtop. They consider it "rebodying" the Fury. It
is not a real Fury. It is a Belvedere in Fury clothes. Then there are the
outright forgers. There is a certain individual in a town called Fertile.
you have any dealings with him, be aware that he has made certain
statements about cars/parts that he has sold (there were no convertible
Furys made, there are no records of a black Fury being sold to Ricky
and no Fury came with a 392 Hemi engine). Deal with him accordingly (buyer
beware!!!). All Furys were one color. All Furys had either a 318 cu.in.
engine or a 350 cu.in. engine. Both had two four barrel carbs. on them (a
rare few with the 350 had fuel injection. It was recalled by the factory
dual carbs. installed). All Fury engines have an F in the engine number.
Furys were produced on the same assembly lines as the other Plymouths.
Before buying a Fury, it would be worth the expense of having Chrysler
historical send a copy of the builders card. That will prove if a car was
Fury if there is any doubt. Details about getting the builders card are
available from the group (I can't remember the details).

The key thing is to ask questions. Don't jump at the first rust bucket
you find. A parts car is a parts car, not a concours restoration project.
Everybody with a Fury for sale will want the moon for it. If it is a 100%
unrestored low mile cherry, you might want to 'shoot for the moon'
otherwise, deal with it as with any collectors car. There are a few Furys
that become available from members of this group. Key word, patience. This
group can answer your questions about the validity of most Furys. You
also check out the Forward Look site.


1958 Fury amidst a collection of other 1985 Plymouths.

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