[GFS] 56 Fury 2x4 Carbs Again
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[GFS] 56 Fury 2x4 Carbs Again

    The square pattern 1735919 manifold  could be drilled for the bigger WCFB 
carburetors, but the "clover  leaf" holes would also have to be made larger.  
Making the larger  "H" pattern work for the smaller square carburetor would 
be a bit more  difficult.
    If you look carefully at your photos  you will see that the "cloverleaf" 
hole openings are larger for the larger "H"  pattern WCFB.  In fact the larger 
openings are most likely 1-11/16 inches  or a bit larger whereas the smaller 
2552S/2553S openings are 1-5/16  inches.  The difference is 3/8 inches.  This 
could be enough to  prevent a tight carburetor/manifold seal without special 
considerations such as  an adapter plate.  In my research, I have not found an 
adapter for this, so  it would have to be made.
    As for the AFB carburetor  usage, it would be possible if certain things 
are known.  They  are:
1.    The AFB flow rate would have to be  matched to the 303 engine.  I'm no 
expert to know what would  work.
2.    The 1735919 manifold is  constructed so that the left and right bank of 
engine cylinders are  supplied by the right and left sides of the 
carburetors.  The manifold is  open front to back.  Therefore, the linkage would have to 
be solid rather  than progressive to prevent fuel starvation of some 
cylinders.   With progressive linkage, if the engine were to run off the front 
carburetor at  low rpm, the rear cylinders would be starved of fuel and vice  versa.  
Cast iron intake manifolds are completely open and this is not  much of a 
3    The 1735919 manifold does not have  provision for a choke heat tube, so 
either a manual choke would have to be used,  or some sort of internal choke 
will have to be employed.  I do not know how  the AFB choke works. 
    When I started looking into the  aluminum manifold situation, I 
discovered that before I got mine,  someone had removed the "clover leaf" and part of 
the web for each  carburetor making an open chamber manifold.  I will be 
sending  the manifold to Wilson Manifolds in Florida to have it reconstructed as  
original.  I also learned that if you are to put carburetor studs, water  jacket 
or vacuum fittings in an aluminum manifold that it is wise to put  something 
around the threads.  Otherwise, the threads and aluminum  will seize together. 
 I had to have mine drilled at no small  cost and still small bits of the 
threads were lost.  Nothing  serious, but enough to teach a lesson.  I'm told 
that Teflon tape will  prevent leaks and seizing so that is what I plan to  use.  
    I hope you enjoyed my comments.   Aren't 56 Fury's fun?
    John  Teske

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