[GFS] Re: Hard Facts oon 2/4 Plymouth Intake Manifolds
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[GFS] Re: Hard Facts oon 2/4 Plymouth Intake Manifolds

Hello Ron:
    On May 2, 2004 you sent an email with  your take on the 2x4 manifolds for 
the 56 Plymouths and Fury's.  Since then  I have been researching and 
assembling what I believe to be the original 2x4  carburetor set-up for our 56 
Fury's.  Your May, 2004 email was  helpful.  Here is what I have concluded.
1.    The original factory 2x4 carburetors  and intake manifold was the 
1735919 aluminum manifold with 2552S  (1735967) and 2553S (1735968) carburetors.  
In the June 1957  Plymouth Product Information news there is a picture of what 
is purported to be  the "New High-Performance Kit" for the Fury.  The 
carburetors shown there  are the correct square based original four barrels with the 
manual choke.   The manifold is something else since it has the "H" based bolt 
pattern and will  not fit those carburetors.  Plymouth lists a part number of  
1732479 for this manifold but I have not found such a thing yet.   Maybe 
someone else has.
    The photos attached to your May 2,  2004 email of two 1735919 manifolds 
is interesting.  Which one do you  have - the square based or "H" based bolt 
pattern?  You are correct in that  the manual choke is on the left and probably 
to the left of the hand  brake.  I have information from one 56 Fury owner 
with the aluminum intake  and manual choke that is where the choke pull  is 
located. That way the ignition can be turned with the right hand  while choking the 
engine with the left. 
2.    Later Fury's with the 318 and  factory 2x4 option had an intake 
manifold of the cast iron  verity.  The part number is1822004 different cast dates.  
I have  three of these intakes with two sets of 2631S/2632S carburetors which 
I  will be putting on the market some day unless someone reading this would be 
 interested in buying them now.   I need to complete the original aluminum  
intake and 2552S/2553S assembly first before I remove the 1822004  intake and 
2631S/2632S carburetors from my 56 Fury. 
    In your May 2, 2004 email you show two  aluminum manifolds with the same 
part number of 1735919. One has the "H" bolt  pattern and the other the square 
pattern.  I suspect the "H" pattern  was drilled to fit the later and larger 
bore "H" pattern Carter WCFB  carburetors.
    I have some other details, but these  are the major points.  I have been 
fortunate in finding a 2552S and  a 2553S along with enough WCFB cores to be 
able to assemble  the correct 2552S/2553S carburetors and aluminum manifold.  I 
just had  the carburetors remanufactured by National Carburetor in  Florida 
and are too pretty to put on my 56 Fury, but will do so  anyway.  I still have 
some details to work out.  I can't  wait.
    In your May 2, 2004 email you  indicated that Weiand made a 2x4 manifold 
#WPD4D for the wide based WCFB  carburetors. I this manifold shown on your May 
2, 2004 email with part number  1735919?
    Enough for now.
    John  Teske

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