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--- In goldenfin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Bjwt56@... wrote:
>Hi there.  Can you post a picture of the correct brackets or the cad 
drawings that you have for the reproductions?  Or does someone know 
where I can go online to view the 1957 Plymouth Product News that 
John mentioned?  I am assuming that mine are correct but I do not 
know so I would be interested in the reproduction pieces if mine are 
wrong  Thanks Dwayne Miller
> Hello All:
>     Regarding the coil and spring brackets  for the 56-58 Fury 2 x 
> carburetors.
>     The June 1957 Plymouth Product  Information News has a picture 
of the 2 x 
> 4 High Performance Kit for the 1956  277 and 303 engines and the 
1957 277, 
> 301 and 218 [sic]  (318?) engines.
>     In that picture, I can clearly  identify the coil bracket which 
> proposed be reproduced.   Therefore, the coil bracket would be 
correct for the 56 
> and 57 Fury's  with the 2 x 4 carburetors.  I assume it would be 
correct also 
> for the  58's.
>     Also in that picture, I can identify  two springs, one shorter 
than the 
> other.  I do not see anything resembling  spring brackets, 
however.  Spring 
> brackets probably came along shortly  later, or were inadvertently 
omitted from 
> the photo.  I am going to assume  that spring brackets are correct 
for my 56 
> and order a set or two.
>     If any of you happen to have this  bulletin, note that the 
> will not bolt to the manifold shown.   The bolt patters are 
different.  The 
> carburetors shown have the "H"  pattern bolt pattern on an aluminum 
throttle body. 
>  The manifold  is for the larger cast iron throttle body bolt 
>     Questions or comments are  welcome.
>     Regards,
>     John  Teske 
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