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   I have taken the 1956 aluminum Fury 2/4 bbl carb manifold and sat it down right next to the 1957 Fury 318 2/4 bbl carb manifold and compared each to one to the other one.
 1. The aluminum 56 is much much lighter in weight than the cast iron one. (naturally)
 2. They both take the WFCB carb's, but the 57 manifold has black cast iron bases.
 3. The ports seem to be the same size.
 4. There is no counter sunk hole for the choke in the 56 but there is in the 57 cast iron one.
 5. The aluminum manifold has a divider in the middle of the manifold that lets the front carb feed the front 4 cylinders and the back carb feed the back 4 cylinders.
 6. The cast iron manifold off the 57 2/4 bbl carb manifold does not have the divider in it,
 7. This means the aluminum manifold  MUST RUN STRAIGHT LINKAGE, however the 57 cast iron manifold comes through from the factory with progressive linkage but has the option to run the linkage if you want to.
   To the best of my knowledge the large  single unit paper filter used on the D 500-1 has the same carb spacing as the 56 Fury with optional dual carb's on the aluminum manifold. Although this large one piece paper air cleaner fits both Dodge and Plymouth, I do not know if it will fit the 1956 Chrysler 300-B carb's.
  Ron Allyn Swartley
56 Aluminum Fury manifold on left, other one is 57-58 Fury 318. Enlarge this photo and you can see the P/N's
Tim, all the 11 or 16 dual 4 bbl carb Plymouth Fury's were equipped with stick shift. Was the same rule applied to the 56 Dodge D-500-1 cars, also does anybody know exactly how many 56 D-500-1 were made by the factory?
Plymouth offered a conversion kit with hotter cam and dual quads for on the 56 Fury, Belvedere, etc.
In a message dated 12/20/2013 11:54:06 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, DupontTim@xxxxxxx write
Furthermore, I have a big interest in the Dual Four Fury's history because it gave me some comparison to the D-500-1 story. I had the chase to meet Johnny Allen at the 50th running of the Daytona 500, the most prolific nascar racer of Plymouths in the mid 50's (55-58). He was being honored at the legends banquet. He confirmed to me that Plymouth supplied to him a complete factory Fury racecar in may of 56. It had the Dual Four setup as well as Imperial brakes and suspension upgrades. It was so much faster than his 55 he was forced to relearn his whole operation, from removing almost all tread from the tires to not running too hard and overheating the motor. Also note his hood read 260 HP after that. Great guy and still sharp. I finally located Bernie Hentges who conformed the same experience with a D500-1. He picked up his car in Detroit at the factory complete with the Dual Four Carbs and Imperial suspension upgrades. Also note that his hood read 276 HP after that. For those who wondered or were skeptical about these cars there is now undisputed confirmation that both Plymouth and Dodge built factory racecars in 1956. Drivers would eventually or even promptly modify the cars but they were running upon delivery or as in Brenie's case driven home to Minnesota. Tim in Golden.

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