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Sorry guys,
   I do not think I made myself clear on my last question.
There is a large paper air cleaner that was made for the 56 Dodge D-500-1 and it was I believe the same large paper air cleaner that  was made for or shared with the 56 Fury's made for racing and came equipped with dual 4 bbls. The spacing of the carburetors on the Dodge and Plymouth is exact----that is why the air cleaner fits perfectly on Dodge or Plymouth dual 4 bbls. (No, it is not an oil bath air cleaner like on the single 4 bbl carb's. PHOTOS BELOW
Does anybody know if Chrysler 300 used this large paper air cleaner. If they did that would mean they had the same distance between their carb's as Dodge and Plymouth in 1956?
Correct me if I am wrong----The AFB carb's on Mopar's came out in 1958. Up until then most Chrysler products used WCFB's square bottom bolt pattern?
Several of the Chrysler products used wide and narrow bolt patters on their carburetors and they also used wide and narrow bolt patterns on their manifolds?(on WCFB & AFB carbs)
I think the 58 Fury continued to use the WCFB square bottom carb in 1958 although the 58 Belvedere with 4 bbl carb used a AFB (Edelbrook, Carter) with wide bottom?
Some say the 57 and 58 Fury's used the WCFB carb but it had a black cast iron wide bottom bolt pattern?
PS----What cars used what manifolds below----they fit both 277--303--318?
When I write about spacing between carbs I mean photo below.
Picture here is the 56 D-500-1 dual quad air cleaner.

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