Fwd: [GFS] roof clips
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Fwd: [GFS] roof clips

Silence!  Come on. Someone has to have a few roof clips laying around there garage or work shop.  I'm in dire need of at least six.  I will take one from six people.  Or as many anyone would like to give up.
John Paxos
Anybody out there have any roof clips???
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Subject: [GFS] roof clips

I'm in need of the roof clips that keep the piece of stainless on the roof above the rain drip rail for my Fury.  I have about 10 but it takes 8 on each side for a total of 16.  Some of the clips I have are in bad shape.  If anyone has any at all and would be kind enough to sell them to me I will buy as many as are available.  Thanks.
John Paxos


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