Fwd: [GFS] Front grille V
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Fwd: [GFS] Front grille V

I had 7  1956 Fury's and the grill is gold and the v is silver from the factory. (unless it was one of the last cars made-----then it could been different. Chrysler Corp. did not waste anything back then.)
  Ron Swartley

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I have seen all four possible combinations on the front grille of our  56 Fury.  Silver silver , silver gold, gold silver and gold gold.  You can't tell from the archive photos since they were black and white photos.  There is a no special part number listed for these grill pieces for our Fury other than the side moldings and trim pieces that came out in a supplemental bulletin.  Our best option is ask the person who has an unrestored 56 fury.   


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Is the V in the front grille Gold and the mesh that it mounts on silver on the 56 Fury?



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