Re: IML: Q icw 'original' interior (codes?)
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Re: IML: Q icw 'original' interior (codes?)

Hi All.....I am still trying to put together a complete history regarding my '66 Convertible and there is one thing (at least!) that really confuses me. Several owners back the interior was removed (reason unklnown) and the next owner, while starting a 'restoration' on the car, put in another interior, which is the current 'pearlescent white' now in the vehicle. The door panels and convert. top are WHITE. Is there any way that I can find out just what color interior (WHITE vs. PEARLESCENT WHITE) this car had in it from the factory? I am looking into replacing the complete interior but would like to do the 'factory original' thing instead of guessing at what was there in the first place!?
Any hints are greatly appreciated. Feel free to email me direct at: "dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxx"
Thanks all!!!
Dan Melnik

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