IML: trunk restoration for my 1968 convert
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IML: trunk restoration for my 1968 convert

I was planning on replacing the trunk carpet in  my '68 convert. When I 
lifted the old carpet I noticed some slight surface rust  on the floor pan of the 
trunk. The floor pan is painted the same color as the  body of the car (don't 
know if this is "correct" or not).

Before  replacing the carpet I'd like to tackle the surface rust problem. 
Suggestions on  how to proceed? It would seem that the easiest way to go would be 
to lightly  sand down the rust, then clean and apply some type of coating to 
the entire  floor pan. Should I use a "rust encapsulating" product such as 
Eastwood offers  and follow up with a topcoat of some kind? Is POR15 a good 
solution? (I used  POR15 on the battery tray, thought the product was OK but 
somewhat overpriced  and actually seemed to go on pretty thin). I'm not concerned if 
the finished  product is black or some other color as it's going to be 
covered by the new  carpet.

Appreciate the advice.

'68 Crown Convert and '60  NYer Coupe.  
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