IML: DexCool in a 69 Imperial
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IML: DexCool in a 69 Imperial

I have finished flushing the cooling cooling system if my 69 LeBaron and am ready to put anti freeze in.

Is there any issue with using GM DexCool in this car? I have two gallons of the stuff and would love to use it.

I removed the inner fender well (PS) to make replacing the coolant lines at the firewall easier. This made the process very easy and I also had a chance to paint the inner fender properly (and frame rails) and give the inside of the fender a good rust proofing. I replaced the inner fender yesterday and it was not difficult. There is one bolt (actually a stud) under the outside horn with shims under the fender liner which is the only tricky part of the removal or installation. You install the fender liner, bang the shims in and then put the bolt through the shims. There is another stud next to the radiator, also with shims under it, which you do not need to remove. This is not obvious until you have actually removed the liner.


Fred Joslin

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