RE: IML: 1962 in Alaska for sale
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RE: IML: 1962 in Alaska for sale

Well, maybe he had the carb SILVER plated, to match his SILVER special edition interior :-))
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    Evidently this man has quite a carb-man as may break his heart to sell, but the most truthful part in the ad is that it will break someone else's wallet as his would be 'mended'............
'56 (rare: DEFINITELY the only one in my town of 5,500 of ANY color)
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Uh...yeah, that's got to be the "pink and red-ist" silver interior I've ever
seen. Talk about rare. I think he is being modest. I would put that value at
least in the tens of hundreds.

67 (has to be 1 of 1) Haze Green Sedan (with that 1 off engine--440ci)
Covington, WA

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