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Re: IML: remote ignition cut off switch

I would check out some of the local car stereo install shops to see what features are available on car alarms. If you go the alarm route you should probably install it your self and can probably purchase a good unit via the internet. If you install it yourself, not only will you protect the integrity of your car better, but you will also know how it was installed if any problems arise down the road (so to speak). I had an alarm in an Isuzu PU that I installed which worked flawlessly for 15 years. I had another alarm in a Grand Caravan which was not installed by me which had problems that I could not figure out and I did not want to pay anyone else to figure out so I just stopped using it. A big P in the A.
As to the remote "kill" feature, once in the Isuzu I was driving on the Interstate with the remote in my pocket. The panic feature got activated and the horn started honking and lights started flashing. I had no idea what was going on and this totally freaked me out, but if the engine had been killed on I-55 in St. Louis rush hour traffic at 80 mph it could have been much more serious.

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I'm not really worried about the carjackers
but, a way to immobilize the car from 300 feet
could serve a few purposes. I guess I didn't
think of the possible accidental shut-off of an
electrical kill switch, though. Perhaps the
whole burglar alarm idea is the best way to go.
Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

Dan Richardson
300L Family Heirloom

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> If it's carjackers you're worried about the best solution is a large gun.
> The next solution would be an electric fuel pump with a cut off switch
> that's easy to hit as you exit the vehicle. The theory being to let the
> carjacker take the car but hit the switch as you exit. The thief will only
> get a block or two with the fuel in the carburetor bowl. He will abandon
> the car where it dies after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to restart it.
> Meanwhile, you've had time to run for cover and put distance between him and
> you. If you have fuel injection this solution won't work for you and you
> may want to revert back to the first suggested solution.
> Ken
> 67 Crown 4 Dr Ht
> 68 LeBaron 4 Dr Ht
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> Hello all:
> I looked on the IML site, Radio Shack, and other auto parts sites, and
> didn't find what I was looking for.
> I would like a remote operated "ignition kill switch / relay" for my car
> with a '67 Imperial engine (required content). I would think a very simple
> relay that cuts out the power to the ballast resistor? Something that
> operates from 300+ feet? You know, to thwart all the car-jackers here in
> the cornfields of Illinois.
> Anyone have advice on this subject? Otherwise, I'll have to get my
> engineering freshman Son to design one for me (might as well get something
> out of the 25K/year).
> Thanks in advance for any tips,
> Dan Richardson
> Family Heirloom

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