Re: IML: remote ignition cut off switch
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Re: IML: remote ignition cut off switch

Hi Dan:
Be careful with an ignition kill system. You don't want it to "die" while you are driving.
Most such devices disable the starter motor to avoid this unpleasant possibility.
Why not get a real car alarm that will do exactly what you want. They can be had pretty cheap now and will work. 
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Subject: IML: remote ignition cut off switch
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 19:14:24 +0000

Hello all:

I looked on the IML site, Radio Shack, and
other auto parts sites, and didn't find what I
was looking for.

I would like a remote operated "ignition kill
switch / relay" for my car with a '67 Imperial
engine (required content). I would think a
very simple relay that cuts out the power to
the ballast resistor? Something that operates
from 300+ feet? You know, to thwart all the
car-jackers here in the cornfields of Illinois.

Anyone have advice on this subject? Otherwise,
I'll have to get my engineering freshman Son to
design one for me (might as well get something
out of the 25K/year).

Thanks in advance for any tips,

Dan Richardson
Family Heirloom

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