Re: IML: Grounding/Testing/ '56 Fuel Sending Unit:
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Re: IML: Grounding/Testing/ '56 Fuel Sending Unit:

In a message dated 11/6/2007 4:16:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, Imperial59@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Are you leaving your new ground wire connected too?
    Yes.  That was the first thing I for the job this morning was scrub both fuel tube ends and use a heavy gauge copper wire fastened with SS hose clamps, then I began the 'testing' and those results printed in the thread earlier occurred....I understand that the rubber gasket theoretically eliminates the contact with the tank, but it was very strange to get those gauge readings so consistently with the locking ring holding/not holding the sender in place at the top of the just may be the gauge is working as I do have a full tank and this is just a case of a plumber over-analyzing and messing with 'current' unfamiliar....LOL....still curious though about any thoughts on the condition of the gauge, all things considered, for I do have a rebuilt cluster [with better face/chrome that I have been meaning to get to]  as well as a new separate NOS fuel gauge I could do separately, but to do that means pulling the cluster a couple weeks I will be able to take her out and burn some fuel, then we'll see...

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