Fw: IML: Please Welcome Thomas
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Fw: IML: Please Welcome Thomas

Hola All
I had just sent him an email stating the problem is not the tracking width, it is the width of the bumper and body over-hang.  I also stated that I use an 85 inch wide tow dolly due to the width of the bumper.
And he is just 300 miles from Hot August Nights, hmmmmmm.  It is an 1 1/2 day task for me.
Rodger & Gabby
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According to the FSM (http://www.imperialclub.org/Yr/1964/FSM/html/__-006.htm), the front and rear tracks are 61.8" and 61.7" respectively.

And as my coworkers would say, you'll need a pilot car announcing "oversized" if you tow it.

1960 Custom 4dr

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Can anybody tell my how wide the track is on 64's. I ned to know if this big
luxury cruis ship will fit on a trailer. I would just drive it home but Reno
isan't really close to where I live. (300 mi west)
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