RE: IML: Tracking down a specific 1958 Imperial LeBaron from CA(1980's)
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RE: IML: Tracking down a specific 1958 Imperial LeBaron from CA(1980's)

Hi Tom,
I own 2 Imperial, both 1957.  One is 2dr Southhampton and other is Crown Convertible, currentlt in restoration.  I am trying to track down a 1963 Buick Riviera with California license (black) plate number HGK 110.  Is there a way to track down a black plate car which I soild 41 years ago?
Many Thanks,
Mark Speizer

TomC <tcsibor@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I might be able to help with the License Plate number.
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Doesn't anybody have a single hint? Is there a system in CA that you could trace an owner of a car with license plate number?
VIN # is not known..

Thanks guys!

2007/10/28, mika jaakkola <mika.jaakkola@xxxxxxxxx>:
More info: those pics are taken at the day it was sold in Covina, California.

2007/10/27, mika jaakkola < mika.jaakkola@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Guys -

Wesley Willison is trying to find his grandfathers white 1958 Imperial LeBaron 4dht from California.
I promised to post his message here.

So - here we go:
"Mika,It looks like it was license JTD266 or JTO266 it was sold in Dec. of '84 or Jan of '85. It was my grandfather's car- John Frimand and my family sold it after he died. One of the guys that came over that day with a couple of others was a guy named Orin Gan, who was a friend of my Grandpa Willie Willison.. I do not think that he was the one who bought it though, I do not know who bought it. But, as you can tell, it was orig. and it had some kind of louvered window thing in the back window. It was apparently currently regestered back then as it had the same sticker as my '41 Dodge, that was parked right next to it. I would appreciate any help you could give. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Wesley Willison"

OK - and the pics are here:

Let me know if you have any hints - you can also email at:
mika( dot)jaakkola(at)



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