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Re: IML: re: 57' interior colors

Hey Mike, thanks for the notes, I have perused Phillip's site and envied the tiny photos of the 57' interior swatch book.  There was also some interior pieces for sale by the goofball in Arizona that had leftover remnants.  I should have jumped on one of those just for a color pattern.   (enclosed pictures from Johnny Rosen's ebay items).   The pics of the 58' you sent I believe show reupholstered seats and door panels, which are not metallic vinyl/leather.   
There seemed to be some different combinations used depending on the car color and year.  Mine is the Sunset Rose pink w/ a white top (XS) with a trim code of 48.  There are a few convertibles on Phillip's site that show a coppery-colored monotone interior on a 57 with the light pink exterior.  The dealer prestige sales booklet shows a 2-tone dk metallic brown and pink-ish insets and door panels OR the pinkish metallic with the cloth inserts.  SMS has the right cloth, just unsure on the vinyl.  I saw a 61 at the recent car show at Timberline Dodge on Sandy Blvd. and it was redone in that SMS pinkish vinyl with 61' styled cloth inserts.  It looked fantastic, however the vinyl (same as the samples SMS provided me) were paper thin and not nearly as heavy as the orig. leather and vinyls.     Hopefully someone from the list will have a car w/ the right stuff, otherwise I'll just wing it.    Oddly, my dash top is burgundy, bottom is tan, wheel is tan, dash is the copper metallic and the carpet was sort of a light burgundy with the salmon cloth insets and pink leather surrounds.    Difficult for me to picture all together, which is why I'd like to see it before I go ahead and put it back all stock and hate it. 
My parts car has the silver interior, which I will probably just install while I redo the original one.  Maybe I'll like it better and just do that instead.

Michael Howlett <collyman1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Have you seen these pics.......

There are others on the website, and I have some others pics too, but
they are Code 51 (grey) interiors.
Or you are welcome to stop by and see my grey/blue interiors over here
in Boring.
My '57's are not Crowns.......the Crowns seem to have a brighter
vinyl/leather with more sparkle than the entry level cars had.
It's hard to describe, but there is a big difference.

-Mike in Oregon

On Nov 8, 2007 8:45 PM, santiam oregon wrote:
> I am working on resto of my interior and am having trouble finding correct
> colors. The original fabric and leather was in pretty rough shape and the
> carpets had been painted.
> After visiting SMS, I am not convinced that the swatches they supplied me
> are correct for the vinyl/leather or the carpet.
> If anyone happens to have a 57' samples/swatch book with the salmon/copper
> interior swatches that they'd be willing to photograph for me or some good
> interior pics of the Crown
> interior, I would be very grateful. I am wondering if there were different
> dash/steering wheel color combinations as well as monotone leather/vinyl or
> if it was 2-tone for the non-cloth options.
> thanks,
> Todd
> Portland, OR
> PS: the original carpet in mine was loop.
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