Re: IML: 1962 LeBaron - Front & rear rebuild
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Re: IML: 1962 LeBaron - Front & rear rebuild

Polyurethane stuff is generally not available, and
you're really better off.  The rubber is the way to go
and works great when replaced.  You'll be surprised
how firm it is and how good these cars are when
they're redone correctly.

Try this:  Go to and click on
PARTS, then go to PARTS SOURCES and take a look at the
crew there.  It's everyone known to have anything
remotely Imperial related, and a few calls will
quickly sort out who's who.  

I got my rubber stuff from Andy Bernbaum.  Good
quality on the molded rubber things, terrible,
extruded, generic window mouldings (you can't win 'em

Andy is a good guy but they can be short with you if
you're not ready to go, so know what you want and be
prepared to buy is my advice if you call them.

Energy is the Polyurethane company, and you can
probably cross-dress with something else's parts, but
you're really better off without it for an Imperial

Good luck - You'll be impressed, I'm certain once you
get all of that stuff swapped out.

--- Jenifer Ogle <jenifer_ogle@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am about to rebuild the front and rear suspension
> on my 1962 Imperial and 
> was wondering what suspension parts suppliers people
> had used and their 
> experiences (good or bad) with them.
> I will be replacing all the bushings, balljoints and
> probably the tie rod 
> ends and idler arm. Does anyone do a kit with all
> the parts or do you need to 
> buy pieces individually? I'd also like to use
> polyurethane bushings if these are 
> availible.
> Thanks for your help
> Jenifer
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