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RE: IML: Imperial Heaven website

When I click the link below, I get a “Server not found” error page and that’s all I see too.  Bob may be loading locally and not be aware of it.


I ran a whois and found that the nameservers point to and then tried going to and got a “connection timed out” error.


I suspect that Bob is still alive and well and so is Imperial Heaven, but his hosting provider is having problems or has gone belly up.  The name is registered with

Imperial Heaven Auto Parts
Box 23 Route 2
St. Edwards, NE 68660


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Alvarez, Manuel sysadmin@xxxxxxx
Down To Earth Enterprises
PO BOX 222
MONTCLAIR, CA 91763-0222
(909) 445-7691 fax: (909) 381-3175

Record expires on 17-May-2008.
Record created on 17-May-1999.
Database last updated on 10-Nov-2007 13:37:57 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:




--Brooks in Dallas



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I've tried several times and the website does not come up on my comp. I've run the diagnostics tool which showed no problem in connecting to the internet. I use Verizon FIOS as my internet service provider. Does anyone else keep running into the "cannot display..." screen?




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Bill. is my web page. NOT my e-mail address. Hope this helps.


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I just clicked in on the web site you typed below & it comes up perfect.


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All I can say is that no matter what email address I enter I get a page cannot be displayed indication. I typed it in exactly as Mr. Hoffmeister indicated,, still nothing.

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