Re: IML: Found Imperials
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Re: IML: Found Imperials

> From: "Patricia Pruitt" <pruittghl@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: IML: Found Imperials
> Hi again:
> It appears there is no interest in the two Imperials I had located.a > 60 and 61 4 dr Southhamptons.and that I had listed on this forum. Thus
> I have dropped that project altogether.  I had thought there would be
>  people looking for Imperials because they are so rarely seen, but
> apparently not
> at this time anyway.  Just wanted to let you-all know.

I'm always interested, but really never have any money. I can't actually afford the '69 I already have out in the shed...

    '69 Crown 4DHT (with metaphorical fingers in it's metaphorical ears)

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