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Re: IML: Seat Belts

> From: "dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <dansgarage@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: IML: seat belts
> Hi All....with the thread brought up about 'seat belts' I was
> wondering if anyone has installed (or knows HOW to install)
> shoulder-belts in a mid-60's 4-door (LeBaron). I know its not
> 'original' to have more than the lap-belts in these cars but with the
> crazy traffic and all, having solid 3-point belts wold make me feel
> LOTS better when on the Interstate. I thought I had read an article
> from someplace that showed how to add the shoulder-harness into an
> older car

I haven't done this (I confess I'm not much of a seat-belt wearer), but it seems that if you could find a long-enough belt with a floor-mount tensioner, you could attach it to the floor behind the seat (somewhere near the base of the B-pillar or B-pillar stub) and have the tab end come up over the back of the seat through a loop (kind of like an epaulet on a shirt). I would think that'd look okay.

     '69 Crown 4DHT (on hiatus)

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