Re: [FWDLK] electronic speedometer
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Re: [FWDLK] electronic speedometer

Larry, Lars and list,
Thanks for your answer but itsn't an oil bearing problem: i
remember  when i've overhauled the speedo i put some oil on the
wick and the speedo turned freely. The speedo assy "turns" or at
least all related parts with odometer as i read the correct
miles. But the needle doesn't climb above 10 mph. It moves
between 0 and 10 !!

Main problem is that i overhauled the speedo : i remove the
needle and the needle assy. (with very thin axle: 1/20 inch
diameter) is very very very fragile. On a spare speedo i have, i
broke this axle when i removed the needle. On the other spare,
the axle broke at its opposite end. On the speedo of my car the
needle axle isn't broken (if so it wouldn't move) but the gap
between the "rotor" magnet (which turns, driven by gears from
speedo cable) and the "stator" cup related to axle / needle is
very small. More the magnet turns, more is the electromagnetic
strenght to turn the cup / axle /needle. But if gap adjustement
is disturbed (as when you take the speedo a part) the strenght
isn't the same (too great or too weak) and the needle doesn't
turn well ..
I'm trying to restore one of the spare (i must find the small
axle which has 2 diameters ..) then adjust the gap; ther's also a
spring to counterbalance the electromagnetic strenght and some
lead on the cup to calibrate the speedo... What a system !!
I have take a look under the dash and i was horrified ! I must
remove the wipers linkage, some bracket which hold the wiring
harness, the 4 bulbs as you said and also three nuts ... I know
where are the nuts, i 've a wrecked dash on the floor but it's
more easy when you have only the dash .. But i'm not sure that
the speedo could slide between parking brake bracket, steering
column and other parts.. You know, a '57 Imp speedo is large !!
And if i can't repair or remove i'll install near my feet a small
electronic speedo (try to find one in kph..). I've seen some
stuff at

but it's expensive stuff (not included sender is around $ 80.00

Philippe COURANT (Pau, France)
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Buick 58 Roadmaster sedan

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