[FWDLK] How old are You Guys getting
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[FWDLK] How old are You Guys getting

Hello again,
contd... 1955 Dodge History
The most important piece of information from the "Build Sheet" was the name of the dealer that sold the car.  My 1955 Dodge was sold brand new to Mr Earl Williams at Funck Brothers Motors, Auroua, Indiana.  The building is still there, but is now an apartment house, and looks nothing like an old dealership.  Mr Williams the car's original owner died in 1971.  I did however receive information that Mrs Funck is still living, and still resides in Auroua IN.  I called her and ask to arrange a meeting,  She agreed.
Mr Funck died many years ago,  but she worked at the dealership, and she ordered the new cars.  She remembers ordering my car, mainly because it was order "all black" compared to all the others that were two and three toned paint.  She remembered that the car was sold to a funeral home.  She also remembered Mr Williams and that he was a Dodge Man and always bought new Dodges.  The next one he purchased, she said, was a 1959 "all black" which I was told "burned up".  No one is sure if the car started the fire or that it was in the building that caught fire..
When Mrs Funck saw the car for the first time in over 40 plus years,  I just can't put it into words,  I was very touched.
We spent some time talking, but she told me from the very beginning that she did not want her picture taken. She is 89 years old and does not like having her picture taken.  After we chatted for awhile, she told me again how beautiful the car was.  I tried one more time... and mentiomed I sure would love to have a picture of a beautiful lady with the beautiful car.   She agreed.
I don't think there are many classic car owners that have a photo of the person that factory ordered their car new.
That Saturday was a special day I will remember my whole life.  The car ran perfectly, the weather was super nice, and the timing on everything just turned out perfect.  Everyone I met was really nice.
P.S. The very first car I owned was a 1955 Dodge purchased in 1964,  and I learned how to drive in my dad's 1955 DeSoto in 1961.
I am 57 years old.
 Joe Paolucci
Walton, Kentucky
1955 Dodge CRL
1955 Dodge Sierra Station Wagon
1955 DeSoto Sportsman
1960 Dodge Matador

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