[FWDLK] How old are "You Guys" getting
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[FWDLK] How old are "You Guys" getting

I had a very interesting and informative day on Saturday July 13, 2002.  My wife and I drove our 1955 Dodge to Indinana hoping to find and contact some of the people, places and things that make up the history of our 48 year old car.  Armed only with information I received from the original "Build Sheet" from Chrysler,  and a few names and phone numbers I received by word of mouth and asking questions around the area where the original owner lived and worked,  we headed out on a beautiful day, with a tank full of gas,cameras loaded and my list of names and phone numbers.
The firsr number I called was Barbara Harrison, who may be the granddaughter of the original owner, a Mr. Earl Williams or H. E. Williams.  Barbara answered the phone. She was very excited that I had called and could not believe that I owned her grandfathers  old Dodge.  He had owned the Stein and Williams Funeral Home in Auroua In., and he had always owned Dodges she told me. She also told me she was headed to a family reunion and that her mother and her brother would be there, and would I consider bringing the car there, and that it would be a big surprise for everybody.  I jumped at the chance, wrote down the directions, and we were on our way.
When we arrived we were greeted by her mother Mrs Karstedder and her brother Steve.  They remembered the car and could not believe there eyes.  Barbara and her mom both drove the car at funerals over forty years ago.  We had a very nice visit.  They got to sit behind the wheel again, and they could sill not believe the car existed and looked like it did when Earl bought it 48 years ago.
I was also informed that Mr Williams was a hard nosed Democrat, and that my "I LIKE IKE" window sticker would NEVER have been on that car.  So Mr. Williams is probably spinning in his grave.
I got some really great photos for my scrap book.  One of Mrs Karstedder and her son Steve ( who has a beautiful 49 Merc, GRRRRRR !!!!,  with a 55 DeSoto Grill) and Barbara the granddaughter who is 67 years old.  Mrs Karstedder is in her 90's.
I got a great photo of Barbara sitting behind the wheel, where she sat 48 years ago.
I just had to pass this on.  I can't believe the luck of the timing, and how it worked out.  My next post should be interesting also.
Please stay tuned,
Joe and Phyllis Paolucci
Walton, Ky
1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer ( Photo on back page of 2002 Forward Look Calendar)
I have owned this car since 1976

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