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Re: [FWDLK] Lost nuts

Excellent article Bob, I loved the link to lost socks, perhaps lint could be
used as a fuel.

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> The secret to finding lost nuts is to calculate the maximum distance they
> could have bounced, and multiply it by 142.6868.  NASA scientists have
> investigating this effect for some years now, and believe that it is
> to antigravity.  The often discussed "Oops Drive" shows theoretical
> promise, but the practicality of getting a large enough number of amateur
> mechanics to drop nuts at exactly the same moment, and then transfer the
> resulting antigravity energy to a spacecraft is proving problematic. The
> other problem is to channel the resulting force in the desired direction,
> since the trajectory of bouncing lost nuts is completely random.
> suggestion of a parallel universe to which these nuts may sometimes
> is not a new one, and has itself led to another NASA proposal:  The
> "WheThaHeldItGo Drive", in which an entire space vehicle would be dropped
> accidentally, with the result that it would theoretically move through a
> wormhole in space, potentially solving the problem of true interstellar
> travel and also of time travel.  This is very exciting, but there is
> concern that any spacecraft that attempted this could be destroyed by
> hitting large masses of lost nuts, or being completely smothered in the
> drifting piles of odd socks that are believed to exist in space wormholes.
> None of which helps Nick find his manifold nuts in time, but at least he
> just lost his nuts and not his marbles, which, since you're all so
> apparently concerned about aging, sounds as if it should be some
>         This is the end of your Science Update for this week.
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