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Re: [FWDLK] the Portland Swap Meet

   After several years of a much-smaller Portland (Oregon) Spring Swap Meet, I am told that this year it will return to its former "glory". One sure sign: we have had trouble finding motel rooms, and the prices reflect their scarcity!
   For me, it takes two  8-hour days to see all there is to see. Please note, this is an ALL-MAKES swap;   also including motorcycles, trucks, booths hawking car polishes, "collectibles" ranging from promo car models to CocaCola memorabilia, automotive literature suppliers selling old ads and shop manuals,  folks selling old and new tools, vintage gas pumps, professional business folk and private-party sellers side-by-side, much of my time gets used up  wending my way thru the crowds, looking for that scarce Mopar part amongst all the Ford and GM products. My pace definitely quickens when I spy a pair of Exner fins or unmistakeable bubble windshield in the sea of cars and parts.
Although we are having unseasonably dry weather here, Mark is correct to say..bring a raincoat and rubber boots!
maybe I will see you there
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This year, the spring version of Portland Swap is April 4,5,6.  There's also a fall version, which is smaller, usually in October.
Mark   mjh
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When is it held?  Maybe in March for the spring version?  What other versions; in the fall?   Maybe October? 
Thanks, Jim
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I've only dealt with SMS once, on the insert material for my '57 Fury.  Since I live in Oregon, I just stopped by their shop while in town for the Portland Swap Meet.  When you show up in person, they're very helpful. . .never tried to deal with them by mail, what with all the horror stories and all.  But the material you walk out the door with is usually good.  Yes, a long way to go for material, but maybe it's a good excuse to go to the Portland Swap, which is HUGE, btw.  The spring version covers all of the Portland Expo Center and the neighboring Portland International Raceway.  It takes all weekend just to walk it all, not including going back to the good booths!  Just remember to bring your wet weather clothes. . .
Mark   mjh
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I had a similar experience getting left over materials.  Needed 1 1/2 yds of material and got 2 or so yards in small pieces which wouldn't work of course and they charged my card for the two yards.  did get it straightened using the credit card company but  still nervous dealing with them again.
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Subject: [FWDLK] buyer's experience.

Trusting people with your hard earned ca$h with nowt in writing, is something usually to be avoided.
My buddy Mike ordered vinyl and cloth for his '59 Imperial from SMS. This was way back in about '96.It was not cheap, and when the package arrived in New long ways from Oregon, it was quite simply rubbish. Sure, the colours and style were correct....but it was basically off-cuts. There was no way to use it.
Mike complained, by telephone, fax and by snail mail. SMS had no e-mail facility back then.
Promises were made that the stuff would be replaced....time went by but nothing was ever done by SMS to make good the crap they sent out.
Fast forward about 18 months. I showed Mike an ad in Brute Force magazine ( Chrysler 300 Club, Inc). It was for a '57 DeSoto Adventurer, in Oregon. He was always sweet on DeSotos, and they don't get much better than '57 Adventurers.... so silly me showed him the mag. He telephoned the vendor, who is more than likely on this list. He is a person who has owned some very nice FWLK cars, and still does, I'm sure, as I see him on e-Bay at times.
However, Mike did a deal on the Adventurer, and the seller kept it stored, for quite a long time.
He then decided to go over to Pomona swapmeet, then go to Portland and drive the Adventurer down to Long Beach and have it containered back to NZ.
With him, he took the SMS Imperial off-cuts!  Well, Mike went to SMS with the package. It was quite a shock to them to find that a guy had come 6000 miles to complain about the "service".
It was replace forthwith.
But, it shouldn't take all this trouble, and the rubbishy bits that were sent in the first place should never have got out the door.
I know SMS allegedly have one of the best ranges of upholstery stuff, but I have heard of only poor service from buyers on this side of the world.
My experience is not much better. Except, I never had to fork out anything as my correspondence went unanswered. 5 years ago, I wanted new cloth for my non FWLK New Yorker. I 'phoned first, then wrote a letter with the details. I did get a reply, months later asking me for a sample. I cut a swatch and sent it off.
Never did get a reply back. I 'phoned, they said they'd look into it.
I gave up. Never ever did hear back. And, I enclosed an International Reply coupon, so the stamp costs them nothing.

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