[FWDLK] Find the [mess-] ups!
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[FWDLK] Find the [mess-] ups!

Don't blame me (after all, what do 'you' expect, for $100,000.00) ; but
my MoPar, Horace D. Dodge told me to post this message to the List.

'He' can find no less than 16 significant "discrepancies" (ahem) between
a "correct" restoration, and what was done to that car, in making it a
"Best of Show" winner. Some of the  short-cuts are more egregious, than
others, which are merely laughable; and the rest are relatively nuanced,
and/or understandable.

But, to call that car "correctly" restored, is a joke! And, anyone who
has 'assembled' a car knows that it does NOT run perfectly, without
considerable fine-tuning/adjustments. Except for some brake fluid
"weepage", onto the rear axle housing, that car does not look like it
has very-many driving-miles , on it.

I've written to the selling-agent for Paint/Trim plate, & engine number
info, on the car, but, so far, no response from him. Who knows (yet)?
The car might not be a 'real'  D500 (although it probably is), & it
might not have been originally equipped with 'that' engine, or the
p/windows, or p/seat.

But, hey, what do you expect, for 100 Large?

Neil & Horace

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