[FWDLK] Avoiding the ETD's (Ethanol Transmitted Disease)
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[FWDLK] Avoiding the ETD's (Ethanol Transmitted Disease)

Well since your Mid-Western law-makers are gonna force Ethanol on the
perimeters of the Yu Ess , do any of you have any anecdotes about the
effects of adding the Big-E to gasolene?

Specifically, Horrie's still got his original  9" fuel-pump 'pig-tail'
line, & it appears to be supple/crack-deterioration-free. Does anyone
make a 'molded' "new-neoprene/whatever"  pigtail-line--I'm pretty-sure
I've got a 'new-compostion' fuel line, @ the gas tank.

Also, I've got a "rebuilt" fuel pump, with a  "neoprene" (?)   diaphram,
but its been "developing" an "oil-like" deposit- sheen on its top,
apparently, from its relief-orifice---Why is that 'deposit' ocurring, &
what does "it" mean?

Johnny Walker's fine;   Neil- Walking's a BITCH--I tried it once, after
a carb rebuild; didn't like it!

Neil Vedder

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