[FWDLK] Any help appriciated
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[FWDLK] Any help appriciated

Hello list members,


I have a question that is not a Forward look subject but I can use any info I can get.

I recently purchased a 1966 Chrysler imperial convertible on EBay  . The car is in the Newark Area (New Jersey).


I am a Dutch citizen and I would ship the car home, but first I would like to drive the car in the USA.

New Jersey State says it is possible to get a temporary tag to bring it home, this temporary tag is valid for 20 days, I would need insurance for the car.

“Home” would be that I want to drive the car to Florida and ship it from there to the Netherlands. Why I want to do this? Since I bought the car from a picture, I would like to drive it around. There might be some trouble on the way and I would be able to get it fixed in the USA. Parts are difficult to find over here and I would like to take it home as good as possible. Beside all that it would be a thrill just to cruise it through your beautiful country.


I understand that the car should be insured and I need a tag registration. I have two addresses from friends, one in Florida and one in Knoxville.


Questions I have are;


Can I register the car on my name, insure it and drive it.

Can I register the car on one of the friend’s names; they insure it and I drive it.

I am buying the car in New Jersey, if I would have it transported to Knoxville, can I register the car in Tennessee with the New Jersey Title.


I have been to Hershey several times and I remember that other Dutch people who bought a car drove with the tag plates that where on the car .

Could they do that or did they take a risk?

I would like to hear your experiences if you have ever bought a car out of state.

As I said any help, info, suggestions greatly appreciated,

With kind regards, Dirk Brandwijk , Netherlands




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