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Hi Guys,
???? I just joined "Forward Look" and my directions was to give a short introduction.

????? I am and old Mopar drag racer from the late 50s to the early 80s. I started out drag racing with a 56 Plymouth Fury automatic. In the 5 years that I raced the Fury I won 51 trophy's and had 7 losses. ( I am and extremist) I raced at many East Coast Dragstrips but mostly at York US 30 in Pennsylvania. I dropped out of drag racing in the early 80s and sold all three of my Plymouth Superbirds which I also raced. I won a grand total of almost 300 trophy's on the dragstrips and set 4 Regional records and 1 National NHRA record.
I have owned and raced about 30 Mopars on the dragstrips. I started backing off on drag racing in 1977 because I got tired of people saying "You look like Elvis Presley," it is a shame you can't sing." I hired 5 voice teacher not telling any one of them I had 4 other teachers and learned to sing in about 5 months. (remember I am and extremist) I ended up marrying one of my voice teacher and today I am rated in the top ten Elvis entertainer in the world and my wife Wendy and I are now living in Harrisburg, Penna happily ever after with our 10 cars.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Ron Allyn Swartley
56 Fury Showcar
56 Fury 392 Chrysler 300D engine
58 Fury Golden Commando
65 GT Dart -- Wendy's car
+ half dozen other cars.

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