[FWDLK] Mean & Nasty
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[FWDLK] Mean & Nasty

Hi, Rog, et al;  the color scheme notwithstandiing, the Coros were
entry-level rides, and were usually owned by "serious"
(young) drivers, who were more interested in investing in performance
upgrades, than in chromium.

Re: the colors, I find that the complementary colors do NOT produce a
particularly garish
contrast, like red/white, or any 'dark'/white combo  would--granted ,
all-1-color Club Coupes  would probably be preferred by a "racer",  but
the pink/rose  combo IS tasteful, and draws plenty of notice, to the
car, and THEN, whoops!,  there's those D500 emblems that jump out @ ya.
Why doya suppose that Furies & 300's were monochromatic?

A close look @ Lou's car shows a minimum of
"flash" (no dual antennae--I think!!--, no fish gills, no CRL
'trim', no super-flashy spinners--mebbe)--just the 2-tone, & those D500

Loading-up the car will detract from the impression that the D500
emblems produce.

As my defense witness #1,  I adduce Uncle
Tom McCahill's M.I. review of the CRL D500, in the 4/59 issue, (& the
4/57 issue) who was not in favor of all the cladding which adorned our

In fact, the profile-shot, on page 90 provides a
nice comparison, of what Lou's car could look like, with full "empress"
treatment, AND it has a rather garish color-combo (albeit black & white
photos), in support of my position, in para #2, above.

So, gild (geld) the car, or not, it's my opinion
that the performance-message is presented
by the car's clean appearnce, with the D500
emblems prominently standing-out from the
unadorned flanks.

flame on!

Flame red/Glacier white D500

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