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Re: [FWDLK] Mean & Nasty

hehehe...actually....uh...I did add the dual rear antennas.  :-)  Those
change the
whole look of the car, to me...the angle contributes to the arrow look.
But Mean and Nasty?
hehe...I dunno how Rose Quartz and Coral can ever achieve that (Aside
from the "face"
of the front end. :-). that's why I call this car "Christines younger
sister, Rose."

Now, that '59 that was on Ebay a few months ago...THAT was mean and
nasty.  In fact, I saved
the pic, and Emailed  it to all my friends a little while back, saying
"The new paint is done!  Look!"
And attached this pic:


eastern sierra Adj Services wrote:

Hi, Rog, et al;  the color scheme notwithstandiing, the Coros were
entry-level rides, and were usually owned by "serious"
(young) drivers, who were more interested in investing in performance
upgrades, than in chromium.

Re: the colors, I find that the complementary colors do NOT produce a
particularly garish
contrast, like red/white, or any 'dark'/white combo  would--granted ,
all-1-color Club Coupes  would probably be preferred by a "racer",  but
the pink/rose  combo IS tasteful, and draws plenty of notice, to the
car, and THEN, whoops!,  there's those D500 emblems that jump out @ ya.
Why doya suppose that Furies & 300's were monochromatic?

A close look @ Lou's car shows a minimum of "flash" (no dual antennae--I think!!--, no fish gills, no CRL 'trim', no super-flashy spinners--mebbe)--just the 2-tone, & those D500 emblems.

Loading-up the car will detract from the impression that the D500
emblems produce.

As my defense witness #1,  I adduce Uncle
Tom McCahill's M.I. review of the CRL D500, in the 4/59 issue, (& the
4/57 issue) who was not in favor of all the cladding which adorned our

In fact, the profile-shot, on page 90 provides a
nice comparison, of what Lou's car could look like, with full "empress"
treatment, AND it has a rather garish color-combo (albeit black & white
photos), in support of my position, in para #2, above.

So, gild (geld) the car, or not, it's my opinion
that the performance-message is presented
by the car's clean appearnce, with the D500
emblems prominently standing-out from the
unadorned flanks.

flame on!

Flame red/Glacier white D500

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