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Re: [FWDLK] them's the brakes

Neil - I have one of the rear drums  from my 59 Ply  setting on the bench
out in my shop. I see what you mean by replacing the swaged mounting studs,
but how do you remove these studs. Are they pressed out? Heated and pounded
out with a punch? (I tried the heat and punch and a big hammer but  they
won't budge. Any info appreciated.   John Z
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> Zach, I've been expatriated from the WPC since 1991-@ time of the
> "Sell-Out".
> I THINK that the WPC re-print (7/03) is of my first article
> (front-brakes)--There is a second article, on the rear brake
> change-over.
> Anyway, the late-60's 11x 2 1/2" &  11x3"  'Bendix-style' brake drums'
> backing-plates have a "flat-top" section, to their axle-flange-mating-
> areas. The Tapered axles have fully-round axle flanges.
> All you have to do is grind-off the Tapered-axle flange (ABOVE the
> mounting-studs) , across the area between:   "11:00-to 1:00", on the
> flanges--that will allow the Bendixes to mate to the Tapereds. ALSO, you
> gotta cut-out around the mounting-holes on the 'Center-planes'
> backing-plate, to preserve the axle-seal-holding-shoulders, on the
> Centerplane backing plate.
> As I've said before, the 'dirty-little-secret', with the tapered axles,
> is that their "swaged" mounting-studs can be popped-out, and replaced
> with 'standard' -shouldered studs, that will allow the brake drums to
> FALL-OFF of the axles, without having to resort to a "puller".
> Because I didn''t replace the swaged studs, when I installed the
> Bendixes, I used several standard steel washers to make-up the SLIGHT
> distance 'lost'(?) when the Bendixes were installed. "Proper-length"
> shouldered-studs woyuld require no such studs.
> AND. I've experienced NO (as in: NOOOOO)
> problems with installing 'shouldered' studs, to replace the
> swaged-studs--and I'm running a 3.55:1 Sure Grip.
> I'd try installing the easier-to-find 11x 2 1/2"
> rear brakes , first, & see how they 'work' , before installing the
> 11x3"ers.
> Neil
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