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Re: [FWDLK] Rear view mirror glass

I had my broken '92 Firebird mirror glass replaced, for about $10 bucks at a local glass shop.  It was an odd (streamlined?) shape, so our ForwardLook mirrors should be easier and certainly no more expensive.  Try some smaller glass shops that don't rely on "sweetheart deals" with the major insurers.


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Has anyone out there in FL land replaced the glass in a rear view mirror?  I've called 5 or 6 autoglass and mirror shops in Northern Bergen County, NJ and just about all of them said they don't do it.  Is there a reason?  The reasons I got from a couple of them is that they can't get the glass to stick and they don't cut small pieces of mirror.  Kind of ridculous if you ask me with all the technology that's out there.  Does anyone know of anybody who does cut mirror and get it to stick on the mirror frame?  Thanks.
John Paxos
Oakland, NJ

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