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Re: [FWDLK] Dumb question

Thermal efficiency improves as the temp goes up also so you get better
mileage and power.  Want the incoming air really cold and the engine hot!

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Actually, it is a great question.

You want to run a thermostat that will allow your
vehicle to get warm enough to evaporate the moisture
and gasoline from the crankcase. These get in there from ambient air and
from fumes that get past the rings from products of combustion. If you
don't drive far enough, or get the vehicle warm enough, they won't
evaporate and/ or be eliminated through PCV or a road
draft tube, or whatever your car has. If remaining in
the engine, they can lead to rust and corrosion and bearing pitting,

Usually, you want around 180 degree thermostat. It takes about a twenty
mile drive with that to get the oil up to temp. As you increase the
temp, the oil will more quickly oxidize and you must change it more
Newer cars run 195 or so to have thin oil to pump and have closer parts
tolerances to fit closer. Thinner oil is easier to pump, leaving less
power consumed, and a hair better fuel economy. The manufacturers are
after any increase in fuel mileage. They don't care if your car's hoses
and wiring get baked under there.

Tom                in cold southern Ohio

>>> Greg Filtz <filtz@xxxxxxx> 01/07/04 15:22 PM >>>

Since it seems quiet out there in "forward look land", I thought it a
good time to ask a dumb question.

Thermostats come it various degrees for our cars (i.e. 160,180,190,
etc.).   What would be the reason for running what degree?   Engine
temp.?  Outside temp.?   Heater temp?

Looking for warmer (outside) temperatures in WI

1956 Dodge Royal Lancer

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