Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Propert
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Re: [FWDLK] Local Parish Ordinances Against Antique Cars On Ones Property

IMHO, fraud and misreprentation are not acceptable means to
an end.  The part about inquiring politely seems like a good

Let's face it; 20 cars in various states of disrepair are an
eyesore to most people in a village.  Whether they speak up
or not is a different issue.

--Roger van Hoy, '55 DeSoto, '58 DeSoto, '42 DeSoto, '41
Dodge, '66 Plymouth, '81 Imperial, Washougal, WA

FRAUD: "Since they required pictures of each car I submitted
for insurance, I gave them either pictures of the actual
car, if it didn't look too bad, or "computer-aided" pictures
of said cars, or pictures of entirely different cars
identical to the one I was
submitting.  Who cares "

FRAUD: "A sympathetic service-station owner friend helped
provide inspection certificates for each car "

MISREPRESENTATION:  "Now all of my cars were 'legal' -
insured, registered. Even the 'junkers' with no wheels or no
engine....  even cars that were slated to be used for
parts for future projects and later cut-up..."

MISREPRESENTATION: "I very politely told him that my
attorney ( I don't have one...)  would immediately file suit
against the Village for selective enforcement, should the
Village continue to harrass me"

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