Re: [FWDLK] Steering Box Rebuild
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Re: [FWDLK] Steering Box Rebuild

A friend of mine had Lares do a 54 Olds power steering box a few years ago.
It worked fine but leaked. They fixed it and it didn't leak the second time.
Currently working OK.

Dave Homstad
56 Dodge D500

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I "second" Bill K's comment, Re: buying a wrecking yard steering gear
assembly, & having IT  be overhauled, so that "your" assy is not lost,
or defectively worked-upon.

That said (it's a small MoPar world), I had TERRIBLE experience with
David Curtis, a couple years ago, where Dave was to have O/H'ed my car's

I forget, right now, what he did wrong, but he would not refund my
money. S'funny, but I 'just' came across my payment check to him, as I
kept it as a memento, to that experience,in my office.
If anyone wants to discuss Mr Curtis further, please PM me.

My recommendation is to use Lares Corp or U.S. Gear Co.  (My Lares O/H
continues to provide perfect service; no regrets, other than their price
(around $600.00).

And, I continue to maintain my car's OEM power steering gear-assy, if
anyone wants to buy it, & have IT be O/H'ed, & then be  installed in
'your' car. My price: $200.00; the Wrecking-Yard price, from Moore's, of
SD: $250.00 (I had Moore's piece be directly shipped to Lares, so I
never saw its condition, but I BET it wasn't "pretty"!!)

Neil Vedder


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