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Re: [FWDLK] Riding the Coupe

Actually, didn't they try calling them a 'Hardtop Convertible' for a few
years first, because only the convertibles had no B-pillar post before that?
That's probably not too much different than calling these sedans 'coupes'
because they're styled like a coupe - they just need to coin a new term for

Bill K.

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> A Rose by any other name smells as sweet. But you can't just call
> anything a Rose.
> At least as of 1951, a Hardtop was a pillarless car. Then only in 2
> doors, later they made 4 doors. All cars other than Convertibles has a
> "hardtop" but Hardtop meant that it had NO pillars. I've owned 15 or so
> Hardtops and they never had pillars. Sedans have pillars.
> Coupe originally meant a "closed short coupled car", as opposed to a
> roomy long Sedan.
> A Business Coupe had no rear seat, giving lots of space for a
> salesman's stuff, and often had access to the trunk from the doors, or
> an extended trunk into the pass compartment.
>   I had a 1939 Buick Opera Convertible Coupe, no rear seat, just small
> seats that folded down out of the Quarter upholstery.
> It's a shame that the Marketing Dept. messes with the words for a
> supposed advantage. '56 & '57 Furys were special cars, available one
> way only,  and then in '58 they made it a line. Nice cars, but not the
> same. Chrysler 300's were a special car until '62, they made it a
> series line. Riding on the name recognition, "I bought me a 300!". Not
> the same, Bud,
> They paste GT labels on base cars. It should be a very powerful road
> car for traveling. That's what the GT means, or did.
> My spare change, Ray
> Ain't old cars neat?
> On Jan 24, 2005, at 8:49 AM, cpollock@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hello All,
> > Mopar-ese from that era was the sames as most car manufacturers.  A
> > two or four-door hardtop had a pillar between the doors.  Or on a
> > two-door you would find a pillar between the driver's door glass and
> > the quarter panel window.  On some hardtops (such as the Superbee and
> > Roadrunner) this was used as the hinge point for the window to pivot
> > outward.
> > A two or four-door coupe did not have the pillar.  My 73 4-dr Newport
> > did not have a pillar between the windows, and the VIN number coded it
> > as a 'coupe'.  Most 4-dr Chryslers, Plymouths and Dodge C-bodies were
> > pillar-less coupes.  Most Roadrunners and Superbees were Hardtops
> > because of the extra structural rigidity that the pillar added.  It is
> > actually a fairly good way (not 100% accurate of course) of telling a
> > real Big Block car from a dressed up Small Block car.  This would
> > happen when someone took a 68-70 satellite and turned it into a
> > 'RoadRunner' by adding a big block and deleting the comfort options.
> > The VIN always tells the truth though, unless it was removed (a
> > federal offense by the way), from the dashpad.
> >
> > Anyway,
> > Just my pennies,
> > Charles.
> >
> > PS- Terry and Andree, the 71 Fury Gran Coupe was a fairly rare model,
> > as most went into fleet duty.  I have never actually seen the
> > headlight washer option live in person, though all my books point to
> > it's existance.  It was also available on 71 Chargers and Monacos.
> > Not sure what else you could get it on, but it was dropped across the
> > board by 72, so it was a 1-year-only thing.
> >
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