Re: [FWDLK] Unusual 'factory' built cars (was: [FWDLK] RED PLYMOUTH
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Re: [FWDLK] Unusual 'factory' built cars (was: [FWDLK] RED PLYMOUTH FURY)

My friend Charlie(former owner/builder of my Hemi Fury) had a 58 Belvedere which he bought in I think '71 which his wife had as her only car into the mid '80's when my friend Frank bought it.It was an all black sport tone car with a red and black interior,318 2 bbl,Torqueflite,but get this,150 speedo and chrome interior garnish moldings like a Fury.It was purchased from an OLD man,the original owner so it doesn't appear that he would change things like that.Another weird thing about this car is it had no Belvedere emblems on the 1/4's,and no holes,filler or welding inside the 1/4' theory on that is the car may have been hit early in it's life and both 1/4's were replaced but the emblem weren't,it would make sense being it was a NYC car.Just thought I'd share this with you guys,I know this one isn't an urban legend because I have driven this car.
Adam Lindenbaum
58 426 Hemi/4 speed Fury
57 Savoy Kustom


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