[FWDLK] Hood Trim Cleats
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[FWDLK] Hood Trim Cleats

My 1959 Plymouth has a piece of SS trim on the nose of the hood.  It is
held in place by five (5) trim cleats.  Because this is a hidden area
and subject to water runoff with no way to dry it, these cleats suffer
from "rot."  I salvaged one (1), and it is in rough condition.  I have
not been able to find the PN in my parts book (found a number for the
Imperial, but not the Plymouth). Searching has not yielded any of these
trim cleats.  I suspect that all of the hood trim cleats on all
Plymouths are in equally sad shape.  I am planning to have some made out
of Stainless Steel with 8-32 SS studs - then passivated to remove
surface contaminates.  Obviously not NOS, but invisible when installed,
and they will not rust (nor leave rust stains on the hood).  The cost
would be about $6.00 each (if I have them made in a volume of about 50)
with the standard (not SS) PAL nuts.  Interested?

Dick Skinner


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