[FWDLK] Turn, Turn, Turn...
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[FWDLK] Turn, Turn, Turn...

What nobody has mentioned, yet, is that in my experience, the window
cranks should be turned/oriented with their 'arms' facing the NINE
o'clock position, so that their locking-retainer-thingee has its "loose"
tab, facing upwards, so that your removal-tool's jaws  (or, your
modified-butter-knife) can
be inserted straight-down , from the 12 o'clock position, onto that
loose-tab, so that the removal of the crank arm can be made as easily as
possible, but also, you need to know "where" the loose-tab IS, so that
the 'jaws' can fit onto the loose-tab; in any of the other 3 directions,
the 'jaws' won't work!!

Neil Vedder


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