[FWDLK] 57/58 Plymouth front clip fasteners wanted
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[FWDLK] 57/58 Plymouth front clip fasteners wanted

Wow I didn't expect such a discussion on Red 58 Furys. Didn't mean to upset anyone...but that was
fun! What a bunch of cool stories!
On another note, while pre-assembling my 57 Plymouth Fury, I came to the conclusion that I need
quite a few fasteners on the front clip. Over the years, while my Fury has been 'restored' in the
past, it has come to have a somewhat mixed up collection of nuts, bolts, clips etc. Particularly
where the front fenders attach to the body, and where the other front lower panels attach to the
front fenders and lower grille.
Has anyone taken a 57/58 Plymouth apart lately and got a bunch of fasteners lying around that they
would sell me, or is anyone looking at removing these panels off a wreck in the near future? (Sure,
any old nut and bolt and clip will do the trick, but I am after assembly line originality.)
Any help appreciated of course.
57 Fury.


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