[FWDLK] This, BUDdy, is for YOU
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[FWDLK] This, BUDdy, is for YOU

nother tip, is that, removing the crank-arms almost certainly WILL
destroy the round-plastic
"Trim Panel Protectors", that reside between the crank-body, and the
trim panel (altho I HAVE senn these guys in aluminum; some bright-boy
musta figgured out that that thin plastic tends to break) .

What I did, was look @ them & say:' Hmmm, I bet I can 'make' them

As I had several beer cans that were not doing anything (good use for
Coors beer, too), I used light-weight snips, & cut out the can bottoms,
after draining the fluid, naturally----hmm, mebbe that's what inspired
me in the 1st place.

Anyway, you can drill-out the center, to match the protector's
aperature, and then wrap four US type quarters, in electrical tape (glue
won't work), and then use the built-up quarters as a 'buck' to create
the middle- 'shoulder-area' on your "new" protector, by tapping
on/around the quarters, lying "over"  the aluminmum-piece. After you're
done playing Paul Revere on the aluminum-disc, you can fine-trim the
circumference of the disc, to match the o.a. diameter of the plastic
Protector (since the hammering on the disc will be slightly irregular.
But, hey, if you screw-up your first attempt, that's why god made

And, the new aluminum protectors are virtually completely invisible,
unless you push inward on the trim panel, to reveal their presence, &
your handiwork, to an awed observer.

Neil Vedder


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