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Hi Nick
   I'm no expert on dual points but on single point distributors I have
worked on and researched the operation of, the points aren't supposed to
spark when they're opening, the condenser is there to absorb the spark and
to store a charge that helps build the magnetic field in the coil when they
close again. I used to use a dollar bill between the points to clean them
after installing them since the dollar bill or any denomination will not
leave anything behind in the form of lint or pieces of the bill. You should
check for spark at the high tension wire of the coil, it should easily
bridge a 1/4" gap and be fat and blue. The black smoke makes me think your
choke isn't opening or your needle and seat is allowing fuel to flow when it
shouldn't be, flooding the engine. In starting most carbureted engines I
would pump the throttle once to allow the choke to close and the fast idle
cam to engage, then not touch the gas again until the engine was started and
had warmed up enough to kick off the fast idle. There are always exceptions
to that plan that require pumping of the throttle to get an engine to start.
If an engine is flooded you can usually start them by holding the throttle
wide open until the engine starts and cleans up and the black smoke goes
away. I hope this helps some of you with your starting difficulties. Oh,
when I set up a choke I do it in the morning when the engine is completely
cold and open the throttle and hold it while I rotate the choke cover toward
the rich position until the choke closes then I tighten it down, I don't put
any spring tension more than it takes to close the choke. Be sure your point gap is correct. Good luck.

John McCann
Creston, Washington

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>I recently had some trouble starting my '58 DeSoto.  It has the 361
> engine with dual points in the distributor.  It was running fine and
> then apparently started running very rough and then died.   I couldn't
> get it started again.    Gas flow was fine.   After filing the points
> down a bit it started but still wasn't running right.   Before the
> filing, the spark was very weak at one set of points and non-existent
> at the other point.  After the filing the spark was much better at the
> one point but still non-existent at the other.   I am going to replace
> both set of points and rotor, etc.    My question is this:   Should
> both sets of points spark equally?    The car is backfiring and also
> there is black smoke coming out the tailpipes that wasn't there before.
>   Engine is sound and has good oil pressure and compression.   Any info
> greatly appreciated.    thank you.  Nick Nichols.
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