Re: [FWDLK] 58 Ply Power brake conversion
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Re: [FWDLK] 58 Ply Power brake conversion

If an original looking set up is not of importance to you,just hit salvage yards and find a booster/pedal assy out of a '70's car,mount the pedal under your dash,the booster to the firewall,replace the master with new one,hook up your lines and you have power brakes!Some redrilling may be require,or most likely be required I should say,and brackets may need to be fabricated.I don't understand why the AAJ brakes aren't stopping well,my 58 Fury has AMC hornet front discs and my 57 has Aspen/Volare front discs both manual systems with 78 Fury master cylinders and having slowed both cars down from 100 MPH plus I can say that they stop better than most any drum set-up I have ever driven,and definitely better than ANY total contact system.
Adam Lindenbaum
58 426 Hemi/4 speed Fury
57 Savoy Kustom


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