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  PRUEITT AUTO RESTORATION is in my area. Al is the ole man and his son is in the business with him plus half a dozen employees. Al has been around forever and works on a lot of Concord cars that go to the Hershey Pennsylvania AACA shows. Last time I was down to his shop his crew was working on 4 Concord cars and the 540 Cabriolet that  belonged to Mrs. Mellon of the Mellon Banking Empire out of Pittsburgh. Al once refused to work on Henry Fonda's car because Mr. Fonda wanted it perfect and Al said there are no cars that are perfect.!!!! Henry stormed out of Al's office cursing all the way. Al is not cheap but his shop does great work.
   He knows me as Elvis with the Mercedes 500K Special Roadster.

                  Ron Allyn Swartley


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