[FWDLK] Headers & fan clutches
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[FWDLK] Headers & fan clutches

I was re-reading my 2/58 Motor Life, and LO!
there on page 10 is a picture of Hedman Header's 1957 PLY exhaust

They look OK, but are a 2-into-one-into-one
design, but with a relatively long exhaust-pipe section. 

The mini-ad ("Motor Life Goes Shopping") touts 10% increased horsepower
and economy.

There should be enuf 'room' to fab-up a 4-into-
one manifold, but a couple tubes would probably have to 'go'
up-and-over/around the other 2 tubes--this Hedman design looks pretty

Then, on page 14 is the 1/4 page ad for the : "Fan-O'matic"  fan clutch,
that promises :
" 20 more HP @ cruising speeds... &  up to  3 more MPG (by actual road

JFG, I'm going to make jaypegs of these 2 ads, so, if anyone has a
'site', they can PM me, & I'll send them  'there', so anyone interested,
here,   could visit that site & look @ the pics/ads. 

btw, I previously contacted Hedman, & learned that they had been
bought-out by a company, and that the 'old' header-specs had been
discarded, a "long time" ago.

Neil Vedder


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